NIPT and two ultrasounds

During pregnancy, you can have a number of tests done to find congenital abnormalities in the baby: the NIPT test, the 13-week ultrasound and the 20-week ultrasound. This is called prenatal screening. You decide whether you want these tests and you can ask all your questions about this during our counseling interview. Here we tell a little bit about the NIPT, for information about the ultrasounds.


NIPT stands for Non-Invasive Prenatal Test. For this test, blood is taken from your arm. In your blood is the DNA of the placenta and that is almost always the same as the baby’s DNA. The NIPT examines this to determine the likelihood that your baby has Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome or Patau syndrome. You can read more about these chromosomal abnormalities here.

The NIPT result

The midwife receives the results of the NIPT and mails them to you if everything is okay. The NIPT does not provide 100% certainty, but with a non-zero result, the chance that your baby has one of the chromosomal abnormalities is very small. No follow-up testing is then recommended.

If the results are abnormal, we will call you to explain what this means. Follow-up testing may then be possible at the UMCG. We or the doctors at the UMCG will discuss these possibilities with you.

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