We do this during the booking

During the first appointment we get acquainted and discuss what might be important for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. We ask you about your medical history, your partner’s health, and if there are any special family circumstances. We also discuss any previous pregnancies and deliveries. If you were accompanied by another midwife or gynecologist, please bring all the information with you.

Furthermore we will measure your blood pressure and weight, explain the blood test and discuss the possibilities of prenatal screening. You can find more information on psn.nl.

One of our midwives will be your casemanager. That means she will be the one you’ll probably see the most, so everyone gets comfortable in this new role. About when you are around 33 week pregnant, we wil discuss your birth wishes with you and makes sure all the other midwives are up to date about your wishes.

Pregnant and looking for a professional midwife? We are here for you.